Which runner are you?

The Lone Runner

You like running, but alone. You find a certain serenity in running alone. You prefer to find and follow your own pace without depending on running companions. You are looking for peace and quiet, because for you, running is calming and allows you to clear your mind. You can clear your head without having to support another person. Solo running allows you to set your own goals and adapt them to your level. You don't need a group spirit to find motivation, which is more than encouraging. Your own motivation is enough. You are not dependent on anyone and can organise your training sessions as you wish. For you, running alone means freedom.solo running

The sociable runner

You love to run, but you prefer to run with others. Running in a group allows you to motivate yourself, but also to keep a certain rhythm. The group effect has good results on your performance. Moreover, being sociable by nature, you have always preferred to run with at least 2 people to exchange tips and advice before and after the run. The pleasure of running in a group is totally different from the pleasure of running alone. The sensations are not the same and cohesion is at the heart of the training. Running in a group also means being able to run with your friends and share a moment of complicity once or twice a week. The advantages are different from running alone, but no less important. You are looking for motivating and motivated people who will allow you to challenge yourself and achieve performances.running sociable runner in group

The occasional runner

You're more the type of person who runs from time to time, with no real physical goal. Besides, tracking your performance is not really your thing. You run for yourself, to keep fit. There is no regularity in your running, because it's up to you and there's no way you're going to force yourself to run. You know that this will have a negative effect on you and your running. It will only lead to frustration and it will be difficult to resume running without apprehension. You don't like to put pressure on yourself for a sport. It should be relaxing and fun so you listen to your body and your desires.occasional runner

The scientific runner

You don't like the unexpected, nor runnings on the spur of the moment. You are an organised person who likes to monitor your performance properly by analysing the data following your run. You are more the type of person who prepares your runs in advance so that you know how long your run will last and how many kilometres you will cover. All this allows you to prepare yourself mentally for the effort you have to make. You always run with your phone, because you like to use running applications to have access to a whole range of statistics. Every month you make a summary of your best results, with your best runs so you can improve in the future. Discover our tips for running with your phone without impacting your health.running the scientific runner

The performance runner

You are an assiduous runner with several scheduled races per week. You follow and analyse your statistics carefully. You like to surpass yourself and are constantly looking for new records. Physical preparation holds no secrets for you. You know which exercises to do according to your objectives, the intensity needed, and how to recover correctly without suffering from aches and pains after a good session. Whether it's a solo race or a group race, you are always looking for new sensations and new records to beat.the runner performer

The carpet runner

You like to run, but you like your comfort. When you feel like running, you do it indoors on a treadmill. A comfort that allows you to train all year round without being affected by the weather. You like the possibility of having running as a warm-up to your fitness or weight training.running on a treadmill

The Technology Runner

For you, running is synonymous with connected objects. You're a fan of new technology and going for a run is always an excuse to test the latest applications and accessories available on the market. You have the latest connected watch on your wrist that allows you to track your heart rate, pace, mileage and access the live map. You also like to have access to your music during your runs and connected objects offer you a certain comfort. You can't live without them. If you like sports apps, we recommend our article: top 10 sports apps for smartphones Running with technology accessories

The vigorous runner

You run because you have one goal: to keep your body healthy. Running has many health benefits. It is a necessary part of your life to keep you fit. Running is one of the best ways to keep fit and can be done almost anywhere without special equipment. Running offers a better circulation of blood and oxygen in the body and you know it. That's why you favour this sport. A healthy mind in a healthy body is your motto.vigorous runner

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