Where do you put your phone on a motorcycle?

Where do you put your phone on a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are very practical to use especially if you are in a big city. Indeed it allows you to travel faster through the traffic. It gathers a lot of passionate people who are riding for pleasure or by obligation. The common factor between these people is that they don’t know where to put their phone when they are riding. If you are not using a motorbike phone mount you probably put your phone in your pocket while riding but are you not worried that you forgot to close your pocket ? It happens, and losing your phone while riding is most of the time deadly for your smartphone even if it is protected with a good case. The best solution is to lock your phone somewhere.
Nowadays, smartphones are essential. They can be used as a GPS, to follow your speed, to know how many kilometers you have traveled and even to listen to music and answer your phone with an intercom. On a roadtrip you can also use it to check on your roadbook. But to do all these things, your phone has to be in a place where it will be protected and accessible. These are the reasons why you need to shop for the best motorcycle phone mount.
It will place your phone near your handlebar allowing you to see it in a glance. The motorcycle phone mounts are really practical if you need to take off your smartphone to answer an urgent call, to take the perfect picture or to pay at the toll or the fast food drive-through.
Associate the motorcycle phone holder with a case from Tigra Sport to enjoy all the benefits. The motorcycle phone cases and mounts are available with two different systems: Fitclic and Ficlic Neo. The first one; Fitclic, is a “Twist and Lock” fixation. It is a mechanical system which allows you to just twist the phone on the holder to lock it. The Fitclic Neo system is a magnetic system. You just have to put your phone on the mount to lock it. Both systems have a double security to be sure that phones are secure on your motorbike, on your quad or on your bike.
These systems allow you to easily switch between your different mounts without having to change your case.

This article presents the best solutions to put your iPhone or other smartphones on your motorcycle.

The best motorcycle phone mounts

At Tigra Sport, there are multiple options to fix your smartphone on a motorcycle. The most common motorbike mount is the handlebar mount. It can fit a lot of motorcycles thanks to the wedges that are delivered with the mount. The position of the mount on your handlebar can be adjusted according to your preference. The size of the mount itself is made to fit 17 mm diameter handlebars. The wedges, delivered with the mount, permit to fix it on Ø 22mm (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), and 32 mm (1-¼”) diameters handlebars.
It is also compatible with some bikes and quad bikes depending on the handlebar diameter of these ones.
This mount allows you to use your phone in portrait or landscape mode.
It is composed of a technical plastic base with stainless steel inserts.
The handlebar phone mount is compatible with the cases Fitclic and Fitclic Neo from Tigra Sport but also with all the universal solutions (waterproof universal covers, universal adhesive attachment U-TAG, universal cradle U-FITGRIP).

Another solution to attach your smartphone on your motorbike is the motorcycle pin mount. This holder places your phone in a great central position. The mounting system is super secure, requires no effort to mount and take off your phone and allows you to adjust your phone’s viewing angle at all times.

If you own a sports motorcycle, Tigra Sport has a solution for you too. The phone stem mount. Featuring an aluminum ball joint and versatile anchorage combinations that fit into almost any sports motorcycle fork stem tube, the FitClic Neo Motorcycle Stem Mount is the best solution for you.

All the mounts are available alone or in a kit. The kits contain a mount and a case. If you opt for the kit you can save 10% of the price.

All these mounts are compatible with the following cases solutions.

The best motorcycle phone cases

Are you looking for a case for your iPhone, your Samsung or any other smartphone? The cases from Tigra Sport are designed of a polycarbonate composition and a TPU coating which allow a reliable protection that remains aesthetically pleasing. The raised edges protect your screen from shocks and scratches while remaining thin enough to put your phone in your pocket.
The cases are available in both Fitclic and Fitclic Neo systems. They are available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, One Plus, Huawei and Google Pixel.

If you are looking for waterproofing, there are 2 solutions available from Tigra Sport.
The first one is the Armorshield. It is an accessory that you can purchase with a case. It comes on your screen to protect it from water, shocks and scratches. The Armorshields are available only for iPhones. Their price is 20€.
The second solution is the Dry cases, it is a 365° case. It is a full protection, available for iPhones and Samsung.

If you have another phone or do not want a specific case for your phone, you have 3 different options.
The first option is the U-Dry universal Pouch which is waterproof and protects your phone from scratches, shock and bad weather.
The second option is the U-Tag. It is a Universal adaptor. We advise you to stick it on your own case but you can also stick it directly on your phone.
The last universal option is the U-Fitgrip which is like a cradle that you place on your holder. You can move this cradle between your different mounts and use it with or without a case.
You can also use these solutions on iPhone, Samsung,...

If you want the full gear to protect your smartphone on your bike, your motorcycle or your quad, we advise you to add the vibration dampener to protect the little elements of your phone.

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