How to fix your phone on a scooter

Attaching your phone to your scooter

The scooter is one of the most practical 2-wheeled vehicles when you want to get around a big city (a small one too, for that matter!). Choosing a scooter means choosing freedom, not spending hours in traffic jams and defying traffic, being able to park easily, riding in the wind and being able to go for a ride on nice days. The scooter offers freedom and advantages that car drivers do not have. The scooter has also become a work tool for home delivery for example, which requires scooter riders to go out even in the rain.
Scooters are well present on the roads. Young and old alike are sharing the roads to get around faster.
Accessible from 14 years old, the 50cc scooter is practical for short distances and city trips. There are also scooters 125cc and above that are made for longer distances. In fact, above 125cc, the A (motorcycle) license is mandatory to drive this type of vehicle. Whether on big or small cylinders, two-wheeler drivers need their smartphone.
That's why it is sometimes essential to be able to access your smartphone even on a scooter. Indeed, in the age of everything connected, a phone holder is essential. It allows you to avoid the bad habit of consulting your smartphone to make a phone call or check your GPS while riding.

Why use a phone holder for your scooter?

Having a phone holder on your scooter is life changing. You no longer have to ask yourself the question "Where am I going to put my smartphone while I'm riding?". Plus, using a smartphone holder on the scooter allows you to enjoy all the features of your smartphone at your fingertips. Using your smartphone in GPS mode has never been easier. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it?
There are many solutions for mounting your phone on your scooter. Today, brands are developing products that fit perfectly to the different configurations of scooters so that you can have a smartphone holder, regardless of your model of 2 or 3-wheel vehicle. In general, we find the phone holder placed on the rearview mirror or on the handlebars of the scooter. These 2 locations are preferred because they do not interfere with visibility, there is room to attach them and they remain easily accessible.
The different applications of our smartphones allow a real autonomy. However, when riding a scooter, it is forbidden to have your phone in your hand. Beyond a simple GPS, you may use your smartphone on your scooter for work and therefore more than an accessory, your smartphone becomes a tool. Combined with an intercom device, your smartphone can be used to make a call, listen to music, listen to your messages and even answer them thanks to voice assistants.
If you ride in the city, there are a lot of phone snatchings on motorcycles, bicycles and scooters. That's why you should choose a reliable system with double security. This is very useful in case of theft but also to secure your phone in case of shaking.

All the phone holders proposed in the following article are compatible with the Fitclic system; holder with a mechanical fastening in a quarter turn and double security, as well as the Fitclic Neo system; magnetic fastening holder and double security. Both ranges are available for many phone models (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Huawei, OnePlus, Google Pixel). The Tigra Sport phone covers are robust and of high quality. They are equipped with raised edges to best protect the screen of your smartphone. For iPhones, there are also Armorshields that connect to your shell from the front of your phone to make it waterproof and even better protected.
The Dry cases allow a 365° protection, in addition to being waterproof, they protect the screen of your phone against impacts and direct shocks.
The phone holders can also be used with universal waterproof protective covers. These covers protect your phone not only from rain but also from shocks and impacts. They are compatible with many screen sizes and therefore models of smartphones (Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, Huawei ...). The protective covers allow the use of the touch screen and therefore the majority of the features of your phone.
You already have a case and want to use a Tigra Sport scooter mount? Opt for the U-TAG universal mount. It sticks to the back of your smartphone and is available in Fitclic and Fitclic Neo.
Feel free to check out all our universal solutions.

On all the products, the delivery is offered from 60€ of purchase.

Scooter phone holder Rear view mirror

For your scooters, we offer the mirror phone holder. This support for scooter available as well in Fitclic as in Fitclic Neo comes to be fixed to the stem of your rear view mirror. It allows a good visibility on the road and an easy access to your smartphone. At a glance, you can access all the information you may need.
Its main advantage is that it can be adapted to many vehicles. Indeed, if you have a mirror on your bike and on your motorcycle, you can adapt this support on all your vehicles. It comes with shims that allow you to adapt the bracket to 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm diameter mirror rods.
This mount has a rotating mounting head that allows you to position your phone in portrait or landscape mode. It also has a double security system that ensures your phone is held securely even on the roughest roads. All the accessories needed for installation are included.

It is available for a price of 34,90 € in Fitclic and a price of 43 € in Fitclic Neo. Tigra Sport customer reviews are 100% positive for this product.

Scooter Phone Holder Handlebar

The handlebar mount is a perfect ally for all roads. It holds your smartphone firmly at the level of your handlebars and protects it from possible roughness of the road. Your smartphone is just a few centimeters away from your speedometer and can be consulted very easily. It also adapts to your motorcycle but also to some bikes.
The handlebar mount allows the phone to be rotated in portrait or landscape mode. The holder comes with shims that allow it to fit different handlebar sizes: Ø 17mm, Ø 22mm (⅞"), 25mm (1"), 28mm (1-⅛"), and 32mm (1-¼") diameter.

It is available for a price of 38,90 € in Fitclic and 43 € in Fitclic Neo. Tigra Sport customer reviews are 86% positive for this product.

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