Our gift ideas for a biker

Motorcycle helmet accessories

A strap for the helmet

A helmet is bulky. So is wearing it when you're out and about, meeting up with friends. If the person you want to give a gift to uses their motorbike almost daily, adding a strap to their helmet can change their life. The user of this accessory will never again need to clutter their hands with their motorbike helmet. With this strap, the motorbike helmet is worn like a shoulder bag. The user is free to move around and no longer has to think about "how I'm going to get my helmet on". There are many different types of straps available on the market, to suit all tastes and colours. An original and practical gift that adds to the indispensable accessories for people who ride two wheels. It is an alternative to the helmet bag, with a light and discreet strap. Most models of motorbike helmet straps are adjustable and clip onto the helmet buckles. It is important to look at the type of helmet and buckles your loved one has before making a purchase. Depending on the model you decide to buy, it may not match the strap. If you are in doubt or do not know enough about it, we advise you to go to a specialist shop. Another advantage of this strap is that it allows you to keep your hands free when you need to bring a second helmet. Of course, it is possible to use a helmet bag, but it is more practical to have a bag to put your belongings in. In addition, the alternative of holding the helmet on the wrist while on the road is not safe and very quickly becomes inconvenient. Motorbike helmet straps are unisex, so you can give them to the biker in your family.man with a helmet

A camera for the helmet

When riding or vlogging, the addition of an on-board camera is a real plus for motorbike fans. You simply attach it to the desired location and the camera does the rest. There are many cameras available on the market that are compatible with motorbikes. You'll find all price ranges, from standard cameras to 4K cameras for movie-like content. The best known on-board camera is the GoPro with different models ranging from £50 to £600+. This brand is recognized worldwide and you can buy it with your eyes closed. The quality of the latter has been proven. On the GoPro website, you can find a whole page dedicated to motorbikes with the different attachments for motorbike and motocross helmets. Perhaps your loved one already has a camera but needs new accessories?

Motorcycle clothing

A heated jacket

weather. This jacket allows you to stay warm without putting on many layers of clothing. The other advantage of this jacket is that it allows flexibility and freedom of movement. Indeed, when a biker adds several layers of clothing on him, he loses a certain flexibility because of the thickness of the clothing. The heated jacket heats the upper body through the arms, neck, back and torso. It heats the entire upper body 360° for optimal comfort during cold weather. The price range is very variable, from around 20 euros to over 300 euros. You can find jackets with or without sleeves. Depending on the jacket, you can have heating systems in different places. The temperatures also vary from one model to another. To go even further, there are heated trousers, gloves and even socks. So you can be equipped from head to toe.

Heated gloves

During cold weather, it's never pleasant to have frozen hands, especially when riding a motorbike. It is important to have protective gloves that keep the heat in and don't allow moisture to get in. Your hands are the ones that allow you to steer the motorbike, so it is important that they are not numbed by the cold. In the same spirit as the heated jacket, you can offer heated motorbike gloves as a gift. Generally speaking, there is a control button on the outside of the glove to adjust the temperature (depending on the brand, the instructions for use are different). There are 3 types of heated gloves: wired, wireless and combined. Wired heated motorbike gloves are connected to the motorbike battery. If your loved one is a long-distance rider, we recommend this type of glove. Wireless gloves allow you to move around more freely. However, they are recommended for short to medium trips as the battery life is generally quite short. Both wired and wireless gloves have the advantage that they can be used for short or long distances. The user can choose the wireless mode for a short distance and then plug in the wires when a long distance trip is required. Depending on the model and brand, some gloves are connected and you can manage the temperature through an app available on IOS or Android. This is a great feature for those who are into new technology and will be happy to control the heat of their gloves remotely.


If you want to give clothes for the rain, we recommend that you only take waterproof clothing. Indeed, against the rain nothing is better than waterproof clothes. They protect against the wind but also against the rain. There are full-body rain suits for ultimate protection. Alternatively, you can always opt for separate trousers and jacket for better comfort. We advise you to take a size above your usual size as this type of clothing can be worn over leather clothing and protections. This will allow the driver to be free to move around. Don't panic, you can find entry-level cameras that allow you to make good quality videos without necessarily spending a large budget. Brands such as Yolansin, Hao Mall, TecTecTec offer cameras at a fair price. Before buying a camera, we advise you to find out about the following features: Battery life Image resolution (full HD or 4K) Waterproofing of the camera These 3 main characteristics will help you choose THE camera. If you want to offer 2 gifts in 1, the famous brand SENA has released an in-car camera with integrated intercom. The user of this gadget will be able to film during his or her motorbike rides but also be in contact with other bikers who have a SENA intercom. A state of the art gift that allows you to have only one accessory on your helmet.

Motorcycle accessories

Motorcycle phone mounts

When travelling, whether occasionally or regularly, the presence of a motorbike phone mount allows you to have access to your GPS without any inconvenience. At Tigra Sport, we offer 4 different motorbike phone mounts available in 2 different mounting systems, the FitClic system and the FitClic Neo system. The motorbike handlebar mount is the mount that fits most motorised two-wheelers. The mount simply attaches to the handlebars. To meet the needs of sport bike users, we have designed the Forkpost mount. The Bridge Screw holder is attached to the M8 handlebars and allows the phone to be within reach of the hand and eyes. We have not forgotten scooter riders by offering a holder that fits on the scooter's rear view mirror but can also be adapted to the scooter. To complete this range, we have a vibration absorber available only in FitClic Neo that filters out the high frequency vibrations generated by some motorbike engines.mount and case iphone tigra sport

Bluetooth hands-free kit

First of all, it is important to know that intercoms in helmets are allowed by road safety. It may be difficult to tell the difference between wired hands-free kits, earpieces.... The hands-free intercom kit uses small speakers fixed inside the helmet. This system is convenient for people who ride with others and want to communicate during their rides. There is a wide variety of Bluetooth hands-free kits available, with prices ranging from €40 for an entry-level product to €400 for the most powerful. If your loved one likes to ride with other people, giving them an intercom seems like a good investment. We advise you to go for the SENA and CARDO brands which are the best on the market today. H2 Motorcycle courses

Motorcycle training

For people who want to review the basics or get back on a motorbike after a long break, offering advanced courses can help restore confidence and get you back on the right track. There are various courses offered by many organisations with objectives focusing on vehicle control, good behaviour and anticipating the daily dangers of riding. This type of course is also recommended for good motorcyclists, as a refresher course can never hurt. For the more adventurous, you can offer a motorbike course on the track. There are many initiations and courses offered by racing circuits. Supervised by professionals, this course allows you to discover the techniques of motorcycling on the track. For fans of grand prix, this initiation will inevitably put stars in the eyes. You can find gift boxes specialised in this field and which list all the partner circuits. The person who will receive this gift will only have to choose the circuit of his choice.

Mechanical training course

Having a motorbike also means having the right tools to deal with unexpected problems. Whether it's in the garage or on you during long rides, it's better to be equipped to avoid bad surprises. There are many specialised motorbike kits and toolboxes on the market to deal with the unexpected. There are "first aid" kits that bring together the essential tools for good maintenance of your two-wheeled vehicle. A mini format that can be slipped into the bag or under the scooter seat. This gift is perfect for your loved one who is a handyman. It's good to have tools, but you have to know how to use them. To understand the mechanics, there are courses to learn the basics. You can find this type of course just about everywhere, with several themes available: overhaul, electrical repairs, low and high engine intervention... A wide choice that will delight fans of mechanics and new knowledge.mechanical training bike

Motorcycle couple gift idea

A book for the library

There are hundreds of thousands of books on motorcycling. But which one to give? We'll help you by suggesting different books that will delight motorcyclists. For motorbike GP fans, we recommend the 2021 edition of the Golden Book, which recounts the most beautiful moments of this last season. For Valentino Rossi fans, many books and biographies are on sale in bookshops. A way to discover this athlete in a different way than on the track. You can also satisfy the fans of beautiful motorbikes by offering one of the books that retraces the history of the most beautiful motorbike brands with their emblematic bikes that have marked history. Many books exist for those who want to learn how to repair and take care of their motorcycle easily. Illustrated and educational books that make it possible to repair without breaking the bank, quickly and easily. With all this diversity of books, all that remains is to choose the one that will end up under the Christmas tree for the lucky person.

A motorbike trip

The dream gift for a couple who love motorbikes. Agencies specialising in motorbike trips and roadtrips offer tailor-made or organised motorbike trips all over the world. Offer a breathtaking 15-day tour in Chile, Morocco, Tanzania or the discovery of the mythical Route 66 in the United States. Some agencies offer the possibility of accompanying as a passenger. A good compromise when only one person in the couple has a motorbike licence. Many road trip and tour guides are also available for France and Europe, and allow you to design your own route for a 100% personalised package. If you are interested in motorbike travel, you will love our article on The 5 best motorbike trips on 5 different continentstrip with a bike

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