The bests motorcycle mounts

The best motorcycle phone mounts

On the weekend for a ride, during the week for your daily commute or during the vacations for a road trip, any occasion is good to take your bike out. Rain, snow or shine, you're always up for a ride. So a holder for your phone is a must. After all, your smartphone is an indispensable tool for the road. Whether you use it for GPS, music or just to keep track of the time, it needs to be safe, accessible and protected from the rain. You have already seen that there are several solutions to meet these different needs for your smartphone but now which one to choose? The motorcycle handlebar mount ? The motorcycle mirror mount ? The motorcycle mount fork stem? But then, what is the best phone mount for your bike and your needs?

In this article, we offer you a selection of two of the best products offered by Tigra Sport for your motorcycle.

Why use a motorcycle phone mount?

We answer this question in a few lines:
On a motorcycle, as in everyday life, having your smartphone within reach has become important and even essential.

First of all, for the GPS navigation system. Indeed, paper roadbooks are nowadays a bit outdated with the internet. They force bikers to make many stops. Different solutions to find or create your roadbook online exist today. Now that you have your roadbook in digital format, you need to be able to consult it without stopping at every junction. What could be better than having your phone accessible at a glance on your motorcycle thanks to one of the Tigra Sport holders.

Secondly, to be able to use your smartphone without having to remove your gloves. We all know that opening your pockets with motorcycle gloves on can be a real pain. However, using your smartphone with your gloves has become quite possible thanks to smartphone compatible touch gloves as well as solutions to make your old gloves compatible. With a motorcycle phone holder you can easily pick up your smartphone from the holder to pay the toll, take a picture or make an urgent call.

The easy access to your smartphone will also allow you to monitor your speed on the road, check the distance traveled, find the next gas pump and track your position with applications like Liberty rider (available on Android and IOS smartphones) for example, which also allows you to detect potential falls and alert the emergency services and your loved ones.

Coupled with an intercom, you can also change your music at a red light or even answer a phone call without even touching your smartphone.

With this, you must also think about the risk of snatching, especially if you are driving in the city. Indeed, there are many thefts on two wheels mainly in large cities. That's why we offer you solutions with a double security to prevent theft but also shock that could occur.

The different phone mounts are also compatible with several accessories such as the waterproof Armorshields for iPhones which are fixed on your shell on the side of the screen in order to protect it against the shocks but also against the bad weather. Other rain protections are available for other models of smartphones: the universal waterproof covers.

The different Tigra Sport mounts use a secure attachment system for your smartphone.

The first system: Fitclic, has double security. Put your phone equipped with a Fitclic shell (available for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, One Plus), a Fitclic universal mount or a waterproof cover (designed for phones with a screen between 3.5 and 6.7 inches) on the mounting bracket, with a quarter turn your smartphone is secured. We advise you to activate the double lock for even more protection.

The second system: Fitclic Neo, also has a double security. It works with six small magnets that allow an even simpler use, you just have to put your smartphone on the fixation. The rest of the work is done by the support. All you have to do is engage the second security. The Fitclic Neo system is compatible with all the accessories of the Fitclic Neo range, such as the vibration absorber that protects the inside of your smartphone.

Motorcycle phone holder : "Fitclic Neo motorcycle handlebar mount"

The Fitclic Neo handlebar mount is a classic. It is fixed on the handlebars of your motorcycle or even your bike and is compatible with a large number of motorcycles. It allows a solid fixation of your smartphone and remains easy to install. It is the motorcycle product par excellence. It is also a great gift idea for all your friends and family.


  • Compatible with handlebars of different sizes: 22mm (⅞ inches), 25mm (1 inch), 28mm (1-⅛ inches), and 32 mm (1-¼ inches) in diameter
  • Compatible with some bikes (depending on handlebar size)
  • Available in Fitclic and Fitclic Neo to fit all branded shell models and universal solutions
  • Delivery includes all the necessary accessories for installation
  • Quality materials that give a beautiful design and robustness to the product.
  • The smartphone can be rotated in portrait or landscape mode
  • 97% positive reviews

For a price of 43,00 € for the support alone and a price of 54,90€ support + shell.

Motorcycle/scooter phone holder "Fitclic Neo rear view mirror mount"

Adaptable to the largest number of vehicles: motorcycle, scooter and bike.

The motorcycle mirror mount is compatible with many two-wheeled vehicles, whether the mirror of your motorcycle, your scooter or even your bike, this support will find its place for your phone. It provides good accessibility and visibility on your smartphone.


  • Thanks to the different spacers provided, you will be able to adapt this mount on 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm mirror rods.
  • Available in Fitclic and Fitclic Neo to adapt to all models of cases of the brand and to all universal solutions
  • Also adapts to waterproof solutions
  • Delivery includes all the necessary accessories for installation
  • Quality materials that give a nice design and robustness to the product.
  • The phone can be rotated in portrait or landscape mode
  • 100% positive reviews

For a price of 43,00 € for the stand alone and a price of 54,90€ stand + shell.

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