Top 5 apps for your mountain biking trips

Strava for distance running

Strava, a free app created by athletes, for all running and cycling enthusiasts but also for people who practice hiking, swimming, crossfit, surfing, yoga and many other sports! In this article we will focus on the aspects that the Strava app offers to cyclists. This app lists all the possible routes and itineraries for your cycling trip thanks to a collaborative system of users. Whether you are a mountain biker, road biker or just want to rediscover your city, you will surely find a route that suits you. The Strava application is freemium, which means you can use it for free, but if you want to have access to exclusive offers, you will have to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. When you subscribe to Strava, you receive fully personalised training routes. You can set your goals and segments for your mountain bike rides. With a Strava subscription, you can also design your own routes, access a training chart and numerous analyses of your performance. The added value of Strava is that it offers thousands of different routes around the world. Moreover, thanks to its partners, Strava allows you to benefit from discounts with the latter. For those who are in need of competition, the segments allow you to surpass yourself and become the King of the Mountain or the Queen of the Mountain. To get this title, you must have the best time on that segment. You can challenge hundreds of people on the same segment and try to make it to the top 10. So if you're hungry for competition and always looking for new routes, the Strava app is the one for you!strava vtt

Runtastic Mountain Bike for your mountain bike routes

The Runtastic Mountain Bike app is the app to use when you are out mountain biking and want to discover new routes. This app offers all mountain bikers options before, during and after your mountain bike ride. Thanks to a freemium formula, you can enjoy the basic features of the application for free. However, if you intend to use the app to ride every time you ride, we recommend upgrading to the PRO version, which will allow you to enjoy all the features for your mountain biking sessions. Why use the Runtastic Mountain Bike app? Quite simply, because it brings together everything you need to have a good session and analyse each of your mountain bike rides. First of all, you have the possibility to download road maps that can be used without an internet connection. You can say goodbye to the fear of losing the tracking in the middle of a session. In addition, when you are in the middle of a ride, the application informs you of the duration, your speed in real time and the distance covered. These are essential indications to help you keep a good pace throughout the race. For those who like to talk or ride to music, you can play your music or use the voice control on your smartphone even when the Runtastic Mountain Bike app is active. Once you have completed the route of your choice, statistics on your ride appear on the app. These allow you to review your run before planning new goals for the next run. This is a good way to keep track of your goals and whether you are achieving them. Remember to set up your route before your bike ride. This type of application allows you to ride in peace without having to set your route with the GPS and your goals when you are on the road. Unfortunately, this app is only available on Android. For Apple users, we recommend using the Strava app shown above. To use the Runstatic Mountain Bike app, we recommend that you invest in a bike mount for your smartphone. We offer various mounts that fit almost every type of bike. What's more, our bike mounts are suitable for intensive rides, both on the mountain and on the road. Your phone has never been safer during a session than on a Tigra Sport mount.runtastic mountain vtt

Mecano bike to repair your bike yourself

Are you a mountain bike enthusiast and resourceful? You'll love the Mecano application, which offers you the possibility of repairing your bike using only the application. Mecano bike offers 58 repair guides with clear and easy to understand pictures. The parts that are important for the repair are highlighted. You can find the names of all the repairs and tips on the Mecano Bicycle app website. Mecano Bicycle goes far beyond simple repair tips. Thanks to geolocation and data collection on your smartphone, the application informs you of the current weather and the weather for the next 6 hours. It recommends outfits according to the weather forecast. You will no longer be caught unprepared when you go out. In addition to teaching you how to repair your bike, the application allows you to enter all the information about your bike and the repairs you have already made, and you can even set reminders to carry out repairs or maintenance. As you can see, Mecano Vélo allows you to carry out maintenance on your bike at a lower cost directly on your iPhone. Keeping a digital notebook with all the parts you have bought for your bike is now possible. The Mecano Bicycle app has added a space to store your images, so you can see all the parts you have at home. A time saver, no doubt. The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play and costs £4.99. You can use it whether you are on iPhone or Android. Purchasing the app gives you access to repair guides, tips and all the other features of the app. A very affordable investment for all the features that the Mecano bike app offers.mecano vélo vtt

Weather & Radar to check the weather in real time

Weather & Radar is the must-have app that allows you to plan your cycling trips for up to 14 days. No one wants to find themselves in a big storm during their Sunday morning bike ride. To avoid unpleasant surprises and plan the best days and times to go out cycling, we recommend the Weather & Radar app. Whether you're on Android or IOS, you have the freedom to use the app. Very easy to use, it allows you to know the weather quickly depending on the city you are in. You can enjoy many advantages such as the hourly weather forecast, the 90-minute forecast and also the weather forecast for up to 14 days. This information allows you to plan your cycling trips with your cycling friends several days in advance. Take advantage of the radar feature, which allows you to see rain, thunderstorms and clouds in real time. The weather alert feature allows you to be informed as soon as possible of storm risks and also of storms on a European scale. The navigation of the app is intuitive and fast. The Weather & Radar app is available for free on the Apple Store and Google and radar vtt

NeverAlone for safe riding

It's nice to ride alone but sometimes you'd like to be accompanied but none of your friends or family share your passion for mountain biking? NeverAlone is the application you need. The principle of this application is simple. It allows you to meet new people who share the same passions and activities as you. Thanks to geolocation, you can see on a map all the activities that NeverAlone users offer. Submitting an activity is easy. Simply create ads by specifying the location, activity and time on the app. If you don't want to be the initiator for the activity, you can also join a session proposed by a user in your city using the map. NeverAlone allows you to connect with cycling enthusiasts who live near you and whom you don't know yet! You may discover that your neighbour is also a mountain biker. In addition to expanding your circle of friends, NeverAlone offers you the opportunity to practice your sessions in complete safety. Indeed, the presence of several people during a session is more reassuring. If there is an accident, another person can call for help if needed. Having this app on your smartphone will allow you to meet new cyclists and discover new routes to add to your GPS thanks to the map on the app. Navigating the app is simple, you don't need a smartphone. The NeverAlone app is available for free on the Apple Store and Play Store. If you're a big sports fan, we recommend you check out our article Top 12 sports apps.never alone vtt

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