Our gift ideas for a cyclist

A light kit

Whether it's for a birthday gift, for Christmas or just to please, a bike light kit is a smart and safe gift for the cyclist.
It is good to know that a light on his bike is necessary. Your gift takes on a whole new dimension because it becomes indispensable.

Many models of lighting exist and it can be complicated to find the right kit for the right bike and that corresponds to the use of the cyclist. Indeed, it is important to take into account the type of bike, to know its use (does it use it often when it is dark, rather in town or in the countryside...). All this information will allow you to know the type of equipment that the cyclist needs. You are not going to buy the same light kit for a person who only cycles in the city center as for a person who uses his bike in less lit locations.
If you need a specific lighting, we advise you to go to a specialized store and ask a professional who will be able to direct you on the adequate material.

For an offbeat and fun side, many original bike lights exist on the market. From the light that is placed on the spokes of the bike, to the rear light with lazer that projects a fake bike path in the night. You will find the light that fits your loved one. This accessory is the perfect gift, whether for a man, a woman or a child.

A smartphone mount

Who hasn't wanted to have their phone within reach when they ride their bike? Offering a phone holder for the bike is a gift that is always a pleasure. Whether it's for a sporting activity or to go to work, a smartphone holder is always welcome. It allows you to access your phone easily without having it in your hands.
There are several brands on the market that offer different systems and attachments depending on the bike model.
The choice of the bike phone holder depends on the type of bike. At Tigra Sport, you have the choice between 3 bike mounts: the Handlebar mount which is put on the handlebars of the bike, the Forward mount which is also fixed on the handlebars and the Stem mount which is screwed on the head of the stem. These 3 mounts are ergonomic and allow you to have visibility on your phone. Following the GSP has never been so easy and comfortable. All you have to do is choose which one will be your birthday present.

Gloves against the cold

If the person you want to buy a gift for is a cyclist who rides all year round, braving wind and rain, giving them gloves is a good idea. As soon as fall arrives, temperatures drop and with speed, hands tend to get very cold in a few seconds, making it difficult to brake and pain takes over. To fight against the cold and rain, the best thing to do is to choose a pair of waterproof neoprene gloves.
The gloves for the bicycle do not have only a role of protection of the cold. Indeed, they will also protect the hands in case of a fall on the bike.
There are a multitude of glove models, each with their own characteristics and advantages. For a cyclist, having a pair of phone compatible gloves is a very practical option, especially if that person has a phone holder and uses it regularly on their bike. The use of gloves while cycling offers comfort and improved ride quality, especially when cycling regularly. The pair of gloves will protect the hands and cushion the friction.
If your loved one is not too fond of gloves, you can always offer him or her bicycle sleeves.
A nice Christmas gift to put under the tree.

A design or sport helmet

Often, it is for a question of style that we do not wear a helmet when we ride a bike. Today, brands are more and more inventive in order to propose original and more selling designs.

The helmet is an essential accessory for cycling. However, the helmet is often put aside by cyclists because it is not very aesthetic. For several years, you can find in specialized stores or on the internet, original helmets that fit your everyday style.
Now you can find a helmet according to your type of bike and your activity.
Depending on your needs, you can offer a designer helmet that meets the safety standards for bicycle use. For those who love new technologies, you can even invest in a connected helmet with turn signals, a speaker, a microphone to communicate with other cyclists with the same technology, a visor that protects from rain, sun and wind.
For E-Bike or VAE users, we advise you to invest in a helmet approved according to the conditions of your country. When you use a bike that goes beyond 25 km, you must wear a specific helmet for this type of vehicle.

Before giving this type of gift, find out the head size of the person. Indeed, whether it is a man, a woman or a child, each individual has a different head size. For the helmet to do its job properly, it must be the right size. Not too big, not too small.

An anti-theft device to protect your bike

All bike owners have this fear, to have their means of transportation stolen. Thieves are becoming more and more organized and in a few minutes your bike can disappear.

Buy an SRA certified anti-theft device because in case of theft, the person can be reimbursed by his insurance. In addition, you should count at least 30€ for a decent lock. Below this price, the materials are rarely of good quality and the lock will be broken quickly. Several types of locks exist. The two most popular are the key lock and the code lock. Find out about the habits of the person who will receive the gift in order to know if a key lock or a code lock is the best choice. Some locks are very practical and have the ability to attach to the bike frame. It doesn't interfere with the cyclist's ride and brings additional comfort during the daily rides or trips. No more need to think about taking the anti-theft device with you on every ride because it never leaves the bike.
It is interesting to opt for a code lock if you know that the person is absent-minded and can lose his keys.

Maintenance equipment

To keep a bike in good condition for as long as possible, it must be properly maintained. People who use a bicycle every day have an even greater interest in maintaining their bike for safety reasons.
You can offer a maintenance service to be carried out by a professional, which allows you to do a check-up and thus verify that the bike is in good condition to ride.
Alternatively, you can opt to purchase maintenance products if you know your loved one is manual. It can be a bicycle pump to be fixed directly on the frame to have it always with you when you go out. It can also be a tool kit necessary for the bicycle (change of an air tube, adjustment of the handlebars or the saddle, change of a wheel). There are "essential kits for the cyclist" in specialized stores and on the internet. An original and practical gift, which allows you to have the essentials to take care of your bike.

A cycling jersey

Your friend or family member is a fan of cycling races? Why not offer him/her the jersey of his/her favorite cyclist? Better yet! Offer him a personalized cycling jersey, with his first name or nickname.
Many shops offer the possibility to have jerseys flocked on the spot at reasonable prices. This gift will become his favorite cycling jersey, whether it's to go to work or for a ride. In addition, the cycling jersey is designed for cycling. It is optimized for physical activity and perspiration. There is a large choice of cycling jerseys, whether on the internet or in specialized stores with all price ranges. You will find the perfect jersey.

Glasses against the wind

There's nothing more annoying than wind in the eyes when cycling, especially in the winter when the icy wind disturbs your vision. The use of glasses while cycling does not only fight against the wind. They also protect against insects, sun rays and any kind of projection found on the road (gravel, branches ...) There are many models of glasses with ranges optimized against the sun, or others against the rain. Some models offer the possibility to change the glasses and to have a pair of glasses according to the weather. Before buying, we recommend that you ask the person who is going to receive the gift to learn more about the weather conditions when they are cycling.
In general, choose ergonomic and light glasses that will be more comfortable to wear for several hours. They help avoid headaches that can happen quickly.

Books for the library

Thousands of books exist on cycling. Whether it's about the Tour de France, guides to improve your performance or fictional novels that talk about this passion for cycling. There is something for everyone.

To discover or rediscover the history of French and international cycling, we advise you to offer the book "Dans la musette - le cyclisme à la sauce ketchup-mayo jaune". A way to immerse yourself in the history of cycling with an offbeat and good-natured tone.

For those who are fans of the Tour de France, we recommend the book "Légendes du Tour de France - 108 stories to relive the greatest hours of the Tour". A book that tells you about the craziest stories that happened during this cycling race.
Many manuals and guides are available for cycling enthusiasts who would like to improve their skills on different aspects of cycling. We can recommend "la bible du cyclisme" by Christian Vaast, "cyclisme et optimisation de la performance" by Frédéric Grappe, or "le manuel d'entraînement du cycliste" by Simon Doughty and Guy Andrews.

A subscription to an application

There are many applications for cycling. Whether it's for occasional or regular use, you're bound to find an application to offer that meets the criteria of your loved one.

Some well known applications like Strava offer premium subscriptions to take advantage of more advanced features. If your loved one is already a seasoned user of this type of application, why not offer him or her the extension so that he or she can make the most of it.
For the Strava premium subscription, you need to pay 7.99€ per month or 59.99€ for the year, which is 5€ per month.
The subscription allows you to compare current results with past performances, access a training dashboard, design new routes, analyze your workouts, set personalized goals and much more. This app is perfect for people who are looking for personalized tracking of their runs and goals.

If you want to give away a subscription to an original, offbeat app that is still in the world of cycling, we recommend Swift. This platform mixes video games and indoor cycling. You train in virtual worlds with other cyclists around the world. A new way to make indoor cycling more fun. To use this application, you need to have a bike and a trainer. Then you just have to download the application and subscribe. It costs 14.99 € per month to enjoy all the features of the application.

If you are looking for information on the different applications for sports, we recommend our article: applications for sports.

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