FitClic Neo Bike Kit for OnePlus

You live in a connected world where smartphones help you exercise, navigate, communicate and more. To easily access your phone wherever you go, you need a versatile mounting system that attaches and detaches the phone with no effort, and keep it securely mounted in place even under the most demanding conditions. The FitClic Neo is such a system. It is the worlds first magnetic twist-locking system for smartphones.

Choose your One Plus model
Mount selection
  • Bike Mount Strap (FN-BMS)
  • Bike Mount Forward (FN-BMF)
  • Bike Stem Cap Mount (FN-SCM)

This kit includes 1 FitClic Neo Lite case for OnePlus smartphone and 1 FitClic Neo Bike mount - to choose among the 3 Bike mounts proposed in the range – stem/handlebar mount strap, mount forward, stem cap mount.  


•    Designed to fit OnePlus smartphones (choose your model in the drop-down list)

•    Composite construction with polycarbonate overmolded with soft TPU

•    Shock-absorbing air-sac at four corners

•    Raised edges protect touchscreen from scratch

•    Factory-fitted FitClic Neo tag at case back

•    Slim, pocket-friendly design

•    Works with all FitClic Neo mounts

ABOUT THE BIKE MOUNT : choose the one which best suits your needs among the 3 models available described below. 

Fitclic Neo Bike mount strap

Fitclic Neo Bike mount forward

Fitclic Neo Stem Cap Mount

Mountable on bicycle handlebar or stem

Aluminum construction

Aluminum construction

Fits any bars within Ø20-45mm/¾"-1¾"

Out-front mounting position ideal for viewing without moving eyesight away from the road

Designed to mount phone on bicycle stem cap

Grooved nylon fastener with proven security

Fits bar within Ø25.4-31.8mm/1"-1¼ "

With adjustable arm to maximize smartphone viewing angles

Rotatable 360°

Adjustable arm length to fit phones of different sizes

Fits stem caps of Ø31.8mm

Aligns with bikes center line when mounted on stem

Rotatable 360°

Rotatable 360° for portrait or landscape phone views

With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security

With detachable GoPro adaptor for mounting a camera in out-front position underneath the phone

With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security

Works with all FitClic Neo cases and U-TAG

With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security

Works with all FitClic Neo cases and U-TAG

Weight: 53.7g

Works with all FitClic Neo cases and U-TAG

Weight: 105.8g

Package includes mount, nylon fastener, silicone pad and spacer, Allen key

Weight: 87.4g

Package includes mount and screw (M6x45mm)


Package includes mount, pads and spacers to fit different bar sizes, GoPro adapter, spare screws of different lengths

Aluminum construction


Aluminum construction

Designed to mount phone on bicycle stem cap

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