FitClic Neo Mount head 17mm for motorcycle/scooter mounts

You already own a FitClic Motorcycle handlebar mount (latest model), Motorcycle Pin Mount, Motorcycle Stem Mount or Scooter Mirror Mount and would like to upgrade to the FitClic Neo system.

To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just need to replace the FitClic head of your support by a FitClic Neo head. This way, you keep the base of your support and benefit from this latest version. An economical and ecological solution! 


Thanks to a smart combination of small magnets, FitClic Neo is nearly 4 times easier to use and 2.5 times more secure than similar mounting systems in the market* while leaving intact the phone’s most critical functions**. All you need to do is to place your FitClic Neo phone case or U-TAG near the mount, and the system will do the rest like magic. Once locked, the only way to release is to rotate the lever on the mount, and all can be done with only one hand.

Model code: FN-HEAD-MOT

•    DOES NOT FIT the FitClic collar mounting bracket for scooter, nor the Fitclic Handlebar mount (old generation)
•    Utilize the same attachment system proven in the FitClic design
•    With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security
•    Works with all FitClic Neo cases and U-TAG (cases and U-TAG to be purchased separately)
•    Package includes FitClic Neo mount head with its 17mm ball head

* Based on a study on 8 common phone-specific mounting systems in the market comparing the total time required to successfully attach the phone case on the mount as well as the maximum force the system can resist before sending the phone to the ground.
** These include the storage and access of data, all wireless communication functions, and the compass.

For more information on FitClic Neo NEW mounting system, click here.

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