FitClic BikeConsole PowerPlus Bicycle Kit for iPhone 7/8 Plus

Worry about running your iPhone's battery flat during a ride ? Want to charge your phone while inside the FitClic BikeConsole CASE but don't want to fiddle with charging cables that run out of the case? Don't want to compromise water-tightness of the FitClic BikeConsole CASE by having an extra opening for charging cable passage? The BikeConsole Power Plus BICYCLE KIT for iPhone 7 is the perfect solution. It will let you charge your phone on the go while keeping it well-protected against water, shock and impact inside the CASE.


'- Fits iPhone 7 Plus (5.5" screen)
- FitClic system case and bracket made of engineering plastics
- Include Charge-thru Mounting Bracket where you may plug in power source compatible with your phone via a micro-USB port (cable and power source such as battery pack NOT included)*
- Bracket has same mounting and Dual Lock mechanism as FitClic Bike Strap Mount (MC-IPBK-04), supports handlebar or stem mounting, and fits bar size of ø20-45mm
- Scan through technology allows accurate use of Touch ID feature of the phone while protecting the latter from the elements
-  IPX4 Waterproof submersible
-  Drop tests from 2 meters on hard concrete floor at multiple angles
- Touchscreen operable with sensitivity over 90%
- Case with silicone lining that snug fits your phone
-  2 Double-hinged latches lock phone in with extra security
-  Pocket-friendly flat back design
- Case-in-case design with ultra-thin phone case for everyday use included (use is optional)
-  Sound Boost technology diverts speaker/mic sound to the front while keeping the whole unit water tight
-  Integrated kickstand
-  Home, sleep/wake and volume buttons operable
-  Cameras ready
-  Lightning charge/headphone port accessible
-  Total weight 300g
- Package includes 1 BikeConsole Fitclic Case for iphone 7 plus (IPH-3075) and 1 BikeConsole FitClic PowerPlus Bicycle mount (MC-PPBKI).
* The Charge-thru Bracket does not have any power conversion function. Ensure you have a power converter to convert the power source into a format compatible with your phone (usually 5.0V DC) if you want to charge your phone with a dynamo, a motorcycle or e-bike battery.

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iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus
Waterproof IPX4