FitClic MountCase 2 for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro

The MountCase 2, in composite construction with a polycarbonate core and a soft thermoplastic shell, offers good protection against impact in daily use. Its raised edges also prevent the touchscreen from scratches when the phone is placed upside down. It works with all Fitclic mounts.

  • Slim, pocket-friendly bumper case ideal for daily use
  • In composite construction with polycarbonate core in soft TPU shell
  • With soft rubberized touch
  • Raised edges protect touchscreen from scratch
  • Fitclic mounting mechanism
  • Weight: 30g
  • Package includes MountCase 2 for iPhone X/XS/11 Pro, and RainGuard 

Warning: The use of a glass screen protector in addition to the Tigra Sport case is not recommended.
Unlike other phone cases, our cases have to ensure the phone won’t easily detach from the case during intense activities. And the only way to do this is to let the edge of the case wrap further inside the surface of the phone’s screen, especially around the corners, and ensure the case and the phone would tightly fit as much as possible.

Warning : Like any protective phone cases, the Tigra Sport phone cases are made of composite layers of hard and soft thermoplastic. If exposed to high temperature without the phone inside, the case may deform in a way that will result in the phone not holding well inside it. The deformation may exacerbate if the phone is pulled out of the case with excessive force while the latter is still hot.

Our mounting system is designed to make it very easy to attach and detach the case from the mount. After the phone has been exposed under the sun for a long time, it is advisable to always detach the phone together with the case from the mount, instead of detaching just the phone from the case while leaving the latter on the mount under the sun. If you really need to exchange the case, do it only after the phone has sufficiently cooled down.

A deformed case will pose hazard to your phone especially when you ride at high speed. If your case has shown signs of deformation (eg. not holding against the phone at one or more of the corners), stop using it immediately and contact the Consumer Service.

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