Tigra SPort Fitclic Neo motorcycle mount


Opt for an easy-to-use, secure, and versatile mounting system that fits iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many other smartphones


The smartphone is part of your life and having it within easy reach for navigation, charging and staying in touch is essential for any motorcyclists. Having to attach and detach your phone often, you need a mounting system that is super easy to use. But to run your bike on tough terrain at full throttle, you also need a sturdy system that secures your phone in place no matter what happens. None of the mounting systems in the market can meet those contradictory needs until the Tigra Sport FitClic Neo system arrives. Besides being both Safe AND Easy-to-Use, FitClic Neo also features the most versatile solutions for smartphone mounting on motorcycles:


Check the video below :

 tigra sport fitclic neo motorcycle mount in use




Why choose FitClic Neo Mounting System?


Fitclic neo mounting system

The FitClic Neo magnetic self-locking system integrated into our cases and motorcycle mounts is unique. Designed and patented by TIGRA SPORT, it guarantees you:

  •        Automatic, effortless attachment: magnetic forces guide the case towards the mount, thus sparing you of the trouble to look for the point of attachment typical to most mechanical systems.
  •        Secure, mechanical locking: once engaged, the magnets trigger a mechanical lock, thus keeping the smartphone securely attached. The only way to detach is to rotate the release lever.
  •        An additional level of security: the GoofProof lock, which is super easy to engage, helps to prevent any accidental detachment.

For those who are satisfied with pure mechanical locking, the FitClic range of cases and mounts are still available. It’s patented twist-locking system is still one of the lightest, most secure, and convenient to use smartphone mounting systems in the market.


* For selected iPhone models only.


Want to understand everything about FitClic Neo mounting system, watch the video !