Spring and Sport

No more Christmas or New Year and no more winter: now you don’t have anymore excuses to stay locked in front of the TV, it's time to eliminate the excesses of the last months! And Spring is the best time to start. So to all those looking for the "summer body", here are some motivation to get started!

N°1: Sun and Mild Weather

The sun and the mild weather is the number one argument, early nights are now done, now the sun goes down much later and allows you to enjoy the end of the day to practice a physical activity. Time for sunny sky that makes you want to go out! But do not forget to sleep well, it is essential for good performance and good results: it is estimated that more than a third of French sleep less than 6 hours per night!


N°2: The perfect body for this summer

Think about this summer! We all dreamed on seeing on the beach this man or woman with a perfect body that would make us jealous ... But you have to know that they all had to start somewhere, so why not you?

There are practices for everyone! From running or cycling for the more motivated ones to walking, you can easily find a suitable way to practice some sports. Running is the most accessible, just put on your shoes and leave, but do not forget to warm up and set a reasonable goal. For the less athletic walk is the best way to start and enjoy the outdoor

N°3: Friends

And then you will finally be able to take pleasure, because yes despite the physical or mental suffering, the sport can also be shared with friends in a good mood! It is always easier to motivate at several it is well known!

If you start the sport again, pay attention to injuries if you do not take the time to warm up or stay hydrated. Moreover any recovery must be progressive so as not to get discouraged and again to avoid injuries. Food is also an important part of the sport's recovery and we must not neglect it




Tigra Sport follows you in your comeback in sport by allowing you to follow your performances during your activities, you can thus continue to listen to your music for example or to know the number of kilometers you’ve already done !

For this you will find kits for running or cycling by clicking on the links!

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