Smartphone Mounting Options - Universal vs Phone-Specific Cases and Mounts

We live in a connected world where smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our lives. When it comes to exercising with your smartphone, whether it’s riding, running or even driving, you need a reliable easy-to-use mounting solution. Let’s take a deep dive into the mounting options available.

Weighing up the mounting options

Some people change their phone every year. Others wait until they become obsolete.

In the constantly evolving smartphone market, new models often mean previously purchased accessories become discarded. One such example is the mounting options for specific phone models.

Whether it’s for navigation, communication or entertainment, we’re incorporating smartphones more and more into our daily lives. From the dash to the windshield, and from the stem to the upper arm, unique mounting solutions exist for motorcycles, bicycles, cars and runners alike.

If you’re mounting expensive electronics on a constantly vibrating windshield, or on the handlebars as you hurtle down a singletrack, you'll want to ensure it's all held securely.

Two mounting options exist for this, namely phone-specific and universal mounting systems.

Phone-specific mounts are tailored for the dimensions and weight of the phone. They provide stylish and secure protection. The downside is compatibility. If you change your phone, you’ll need to change your case and mount.

Universal mounting systems provide versatility at a cheaper price. They are adapted to a variety of phones and iterations, but with that comes the issue of security and aesthetics.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons one might have for buying a universal case and mount vs the phone-specific option.

Why choose a universal phone mount?

Whether for financial reasons, or the convenience they offer, there are several reasons as to why a universal mounting system may be for you.

  1. Do you choose not to follow the crowd? Perhaps you’re old school, or just don’t buy into having the latest piece of tech. Not having the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy means a more restricted choice. It’s here that universal cases and mounts become a more attractive option.
  1. Don’t want the hassle of removing your case? Many require shockproof or waterproof protection during their sporting activities. If you don’t want the hassle of removing your existing case, then universal setups provide a convenient, cost-effective solution.
  1. Do you only use your phone occasionally? For intermittent use that rarely incorporates high intensity activities, why splash out on a customized option? A universal case and mount may well serve your needs.

Why choose a phone-specific mount?

A specially engineered mount specific to your smartphone can provide peace of mind. Adaptable across an array of activities, they provide secure mounting options that can be adjusted to your specific needs. Let’s take a look at when a phone-specific mount may be the best option for you.

  1. Are you constantly on the go? Perhaps you’re commuting to work and want the convenience of a hassle-free mounting option. Having an iPhone mount that you can simply and securely clip your phone in and out of serves this purpose.
  1. Do you require peace of mind? Having an expensive phone clipped into a case that is securely connected to a sturdy mount is a superior option to fixing a phone with bands and grips.
  1. Do you need an easy-to-use foolproof mounting method? With phone-specific mounts simply twist and click for a secure connection that won’t release accidentally.
  1. Is style important to you? Phone-specific mounting systems are generally more stylish and often complement the phone. An ergonomic easy-to-use design, coupled with a slick look and feel, ensure your mounted phone will always look the part.
  1. Do you often switch between different activities? Phone-specific systems come with an array of mounts meaning you can quickly and easily remount your phone somewhere else using the same case.

In conclusion: A good mounting system provides security, peace of mind and protection. Good mounts can last for years while enhancing the sporting experience in a way only dreamed of years ago.


At TigraSport we cater for a wide selection of mounting choices. From universal options to complete solutions for the principal phone manufacturers including Apple and Samsung.


Whatever your needs, whether it’s a simple navigation aid on the windshield, or whether it’s just you and Strava to record the evidence of an epic downhill leg, we’ve got you covered!

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