The 5 must-have motorcycle applications


To assist your riding, what could be better than a GPS navigation application created by bikers for bikers? Calimoto, this mobile and PC application allows you to discover the most beautiful motorbike rides. The Calimoto application follows you everywhere, whether it's near your home or on a road trip around the world. With more than 2 million users, you can be sure to have new road maps added every day by different users. It is thanks to the OpenStreetMap data that users have access to all the maps on the mobile application. Each person can add a new road to share with other Calimoto users. This is a good way to always have new road recommended by a large community of bikers. The Calimoto application is not only a GPS application that shows you the fastest road. The presence of tags allows you to filter the road by category and choose between different types of road: forest, mountain, desert, water, coast, winding, fast, offroad. At the end of each ride with Calimoto, you have access to statistics directly on the application. These statistics allow you to follow the average speed, the angle of inclination, the difference in altitude, the state of the path, the photos added and much more. The "create a road" feature prepares a road for you without you having to think about it. A guide is available for your first steps on the application as well as an FAQ that will help you solve problems encountered during use. Everything is set up so that you are not left without answers. Calimoto is an application available on Android as well as on IOS. It offers a freemium service with several subscriptions to meet the needs of the greatest number of people. It costs €50 per year to have access to all the options of the Calimoto application.

Liberty Rider

To look after you As a biker or someone close to a biker, you may be afraid of road accidents, especially with a two-wheeled vehicle. The Liberty Rider application was created for the safety of motorcyclists. Its simple and quick use allows you to ride without worrying. During your ride, you just need to activate Liberty Rider on your smartphone to be tracked while you are riding. Thanks to the geolocation and sensors in your phone, the application will automatically detect if you have had a road accident. The assistance platform will call you 3 times. If there is no response from you, the emergency services will be contacted and the application will send your location for rapid assistance. If you are going on a dangerous trip, you can inform your relatives when you leave and when you arrive. They even have the ability to follow you throughout your journey. An ingenious system that allows you to ride with peace of mind. Liberty Rider is not only an application that saves the lives of motorcyclists, it is also a GPS application designed for 2-wheelers. Liberty Rider understands that car drivers and motorcyclists have different ways of riding. Winding road or direct road, you choose what you prefer. Of course, if you want to use your smartphone when riding and use this app, the best thing to do is to invest in a motorbike phone mount. The platform is free with a premium extension. You have the possibility to have the paid version through your insurance. Indeed, it has many partnerships with insurance companies in France and Belgium. Thanks to this you can benefit from the Liberty Rider subscription without paying any money. Nice, isn't it? The Liberty Rider application is available on Google Play and on the App Store.

PetrolPrices to keep you going

With the price of petrol always changing, it's hard to know where to find petrol at a reasonable cost. PetrolPrices has been created to make your life easier and help you find the cheapest petrol station closest to you. The PetrolPrices app uses your geo-location to alert you to the different prices of the stations and the distance between you and them. Of course, PetrolPrices is also available on your computer. When searching, you can choose the country, the city, but also the mileage and the type of fuel. However, be careful with the prices. The amount may not always be up to date and there is a time lag to take into account. You may encounter a price difference between the time you look at the price and the time you go to the petrol station. On the application, you have the opportunity to view the map with all the stations around you. In a few seconds, you have the price with the location.

Moto Trip to plan your rides

Discover Moto Trip, the community application that offers users the opportunity to discover new breathtaking rides. Available on computers as well as on IOS and Android, Moto Trip leaves no one behind. The platform offers original features without the need for a subscription. You can share your rides but also prepare your future outings in the road planner. This quick and easy tool allows you to generate loops automatically. No need to worry about creating a road, the application does it for you! You can import and export rides in different formats (JPX,KML,ITN). This is an advantage that not all community ride applications offer. To take advantage of the other features, you must subscribe (4€ for a month, 40€ for the year). This subscription offers you several advantages in addition to those already available for free. The first one is to be able to choose the calculation mode during a journey. Indeed, you can choose between winding or ultra winding. If you're tired of driving in straight lines, this option allows you to have a road with many bends. The second advantage is the different roadbooks shared by the app's community. You have the possibility to adapt them to your desires without restrictions. The last advantage is the disappearance of advertising and an even faster navigation than on the free version. If you use this platform several times a week, the presence of advertising can quickly become annoying. An option not to be neglected. Moto Trip is not just a site for motorcyclists. By using the app, you also benefit from all the good tips and recommendations depending on where you are going to ride. You can have access to must-see places that are meant for your community.

Diablo Super Biker for circuit racing

If you're looking for a unique and personalized experience, we recommend installing the Diablo Super Biker app. For all those who enjoy motorbike sessions on the track or on the road, Diablo Super Biker is the app to have. As well as being free, it offers a number of features that are essential when you want to improve your performance. Firstly, when you open this app for the first time, it asks you to register your bike with the type of tyres and other essential characteristics. Then, during each session, record your data such as speed, ride time, accelerations and even cornering. All this data can be found after your session in the application, in the statistics category. You will finally be able to see if you have reached the goals you set for yourself. After a good session, you can share it with your friends so that they can see your performance. Within the application, you can find the most famous circuits in the world and thanks to the geolocation you can go to the circuit closest to you. For motorbike track fans, this feature allows you to test different tracks and track your performance after your session. By using Diablo Super Biker when you ride, the app rewards you. The more you use it, the more trophies you get. You start as a beginner, then move on to intermediate, expert, professional and finally legend. You can acquire these trophies on the road as well as on the track. You can track your progress in your dashboard and share it with your friends. For those who are competitive and like to challenge themselves, the app allows you to challenge other users on the same track. The "challenge" mode allows you to compare your times with the other bikers on the app and appear in the various rankings. A good way to motivate yourself with other enthusiasts. If you liked this article, come and discover the best applications for motorbike itineraries.

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