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How to choose your electric bike?

The type of electric bike

In 2021, the electric bicycle trend is growing. It must be said that ecology is at the heart of the debates and the population is starting to opt for a more sustainable means of transportation. There are different models of electric bikes because each model of bike is made for a specific use. During your research, you will find hundreds of models of electric bikes with batteries that each have their own specificities. First, you need to define your purpose and know why you need an electric bike. To help you understand this, we will define below the different types of bikes and what they are designed for.

Electric city bike

More and more people living in big cities are opting for this mode of transportation, the electric city bike. If your goal is to get to your workplace and you only have city roads to ride, we recommend the electric city bike. This type of bike is perfectly adapted to long distances in town and to hilly areas. Indeed, it will allow you to get to your work (almost) effortlessly. Don't be afraid of hills and arriving at the office sweating. Electrically assisted bikes allow you to go up to 45 kilometers depending on the model.

Electric folding bike

The electric folding bike is equally suitable for people who want to cycle to work. On the other hand, we recommend it for people who combine public transportation and cycling. As you can see, the advantage of this type of bike is that it is foldable. You can easily take it on the train, bus, streetcar or subway. In addition, its design and ergonomics allow you not to be encumbered when you are in transport. It is lighter and more convenient to carry than a city bike.

Electric mountain bike

For those who are already adept at classic mountain biking or for those who want to take up mountain biking for more thrills, the electric mountain bike is for you. As its name indicates, the all-terrain bike is made for people who like to ride in the forest, mountains, paths, trails and difficult access roads. The presence of suspensions allows a better grip and a better comfort for the mountain biker. The advantages of having electric assistance on mountain bikes are: the possibility of taking speed and being able to climb unsuspected paths.

You don't need to be an expert mountain biker to climb mountains. The presence of the electric battery allows you to go even further and to surpass yourself. People who choose this type of bike are primarily looking for new sensations. As you can see, the electrically-assisted mountain bike is designed for use outside the city and is primarily for pleasure. However, some people also use it when they are in the city because this type of bike remains versatile.

Electric cargo bike

If you live in a big city, you must have already seen this type of bike. The particularity of the electrically assisted cargo bike is that it has a large box on the front of the handlebars. The functions are multiple, you can use it as a means of transportation every day because it takes the place of your car. The cargo bike can accommodate up to several children or an adult. You can also put your groceries or any heavy object. If you are looking for a new mode of transportation, the cargo bike is for you! It adapts to your family, professional and personal life.

Some delivery companies have also opted for this mode of transportation. Companies that only deliver in the city prefer to use the cargo bike which is better for the planet, economical and saves time. Indeed, you can say goodbye to traffic jams with this type of transportation. In addition, the delivery drivers can deliver quite large products. Some of them even manage to deliver refrigerators by cargo bike, incredible isn't it?

Mountain Bike

The mountain bike is made for people who are looking for a 2 in 1 bike. With the electrically assisted mountain bike, you can go for a ride on the weekend and use it during the week to go to work. The electric mountain bike also called hybrid bike is designed to ride in the city but is very well adapted to the occasional use in the countryside. Its powerful battery does not fear the reliefs and adapts to your way of life.

Which motor for my electric bike?

Once you have defined the model you need, you must find out which motor to choose. Indeed, there are different motors for electrically assisted bikes that can be placed in 3 different places. As for cars, you will choose your motor according to your driving. Depending on the model of the electric bike, you can adapt the motor to your use.

In-wheel motor

The in-wheel motor is the most affordable and easiest to install. If you use your bike to go to work, this motor is the most suitable. It allows a smooth ride. When you make stops, you can get going again easily without straining your legs. However, if you have a lot of hills on your route, the motor in the front wheel is not the most optimal. You may have some difficulty with steep hills. This type of motor is also not recommended if you often ride in the rain. We recommend the motor in the front wheel for people who ride in the city with small hills on the road.

Central motor

The central motor, also known as the pedal motor, is the best motorization on the market today. The motor contains force sensors that send the pressure exerted on the pedals straight to the user. In addition, having a mid-mounted motor provides better stability for the rider because the weight is evenly distributed on the bike. This type of motor is more expensive but it allows the rider a better comfort in terms of handling the bike. The autonomy of the central motor is superior to that of the motor in the wheel. If you need a long range, choose the central motor.

Depending on the model you choose, some motors can go up to 45KM. To learn more about the performance of the motors, we advise you to read the characteristics of the model you are interested in.

Motor in the rear wheel

The motor in the rear wheel is intended for people who have a dynamic driving. The presence of the motor in the rear wheel allows instantaneous reactivity. However, this type of motor has several drawbacks. If your wheel punctures while you are riding, you will have difficulty changing the wheel by yourself. Indeed, as the motor is on the rear wheel, it is difficult to reach. Also, we don't recommend a motor in the rear wheel for people who have a bike with luggage racks in the back. This will create an imbalance on the bike and its use will be uncomfortable and the motor will not be at 100% of its capacity.

Which battery for my EAB ?


The choice of the autonomy of the battery is made according to 2 factors: the voltage and the amperage.
The choice of the voltage which defines the strength of the motor is made according to your use and your model of bicycle. If you ride mainly on flat roads and in town, a 24V battery will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you have a VTC and you ride in town but also on roads with a lot of reliefs, we advise you a 36V battery. Finally, the 48V battery is perfect for people who ride a mountain bike because it is more adapted to roads with strong reliefs.
When you are looking for a battery for your electric bike, the most important thing to look at besides the voltage, is its capacity in Wh. Indeed, you can have on 2 batteries the same voltage but not the same amperage. It is important to check these 2 characteristics before buying.


You have the option of placing your battery in several locations on your bike. However, this varies depending on your bike model. You can put your battery on the back of the seat tube, on the down tube, or on the back of the bike on the rack.
The most common location is on the rack because it is the most convenient and least intrusive. The seat tube location is preferred for folding bikes. The diagonal frame location is preferred for a better design.

Charging time

It is difficult to provide a precise charging time for a battery because it depends on the brand. A battery can take up to 9 hours to charge, depending on its size. The more powerful a battery is, the longer it will take to charge. Before you buy, make sure the battery is suitable for your use and that you have the necessary equipment to charge it. Depending on the battery you choose, you will have a 2 amp charger provided. However, for larger batteries you can get a 4 or 6 amp charger for faster charging. It should be noted that the life of a battery is 2 to 5 years.

The essential accessories for cycling

Riding a bike means riding safely. Protecting yourself and your bike is as important as choosing the right bike model for your use. Protection is even more important when it is your sport activity. Trekking and mountain biking sessions are always more reassuring when you have the necessary protections. However, this is not a reason to neglect your safety in urban environments.


Helmets are not mandatory when riding a bicycle, except for children under 12 years old. However, we advise you to opt for this protection because it has been proven that wearing a helmet during a fall or a bicycle accident reduces the risk of serious head injuries. If you fall while wearing a helmet, it is advisable to buy a new one in order to maintain optimal protection.
Also note that riding an electrically assisted bicycle is much faster than riding a conventional bicycle. It takes time to adapt and falls can happen more quickly, especially in an urban environment where there is a lot of traffic.

Theft locks

Since the boom of electrically assisted bicycles, they have become the prey of malicious people and thieves. A bike theft can happen in a matter of minutes without you even realizing it. Nowadays, thieves are equipped with large pliers to break the lock in seconds. To protect your electric bike as much as possible, we recommend that you use at least two locks. The first lock will be used to secure the frame of the bike and the second one will be used to secure the front or rear wheel. Indeed, you can have a very good lock, it may be that you have stolen a single element of the bike as a wheel, a saddle, a luggage rack. You can't always remove everything on your bike, but we recommend that you remove the material that is sensitive to your eyes.

To fight against bike theft, you can mark your bike with a Bycode. The Bycode consists of engraving a unique number on the front of the bike frame. This makes it easier to identify a stolen bike and return it to its owner.

A smartphone mount

The bike phone holder has become a key accessory since we can no longer do without our smartphones. Indeed, many features have appeared since the creation of the phone. When you travel by bike, your smartphone becomes a GPS. However, you should be properly equipped to use your smartphone as a GPS when you ride your bike. To facilitate the use of GPS on your bike, Tigra Sport has designed just for you 3 different bike mounts that fit your needs. First of all, we have the remote bike mount that allows you to have an eye on your phone without taking your eyes off the road. Then, we have the handlebar/potential holder, the classic from Tigra Sport. Just put the mount on your bike handlebars where you want it. Finally, we have the stem support that screws onto the head of the stem for a perfect alignment. These 3 supports presented above are available in FitClic and FitClic Neo.

Bright lights

Being visible on your bike is important for your safety and it is also mandatory. When you ride your bike, you must be equipped with lights. In the French law, you must have orange reflective systems on the front, on the side and on the pedals. In addition, you must also be equipped with 2 lights when riding at night or during a day with low visibility. A front marker light that emits a white or yellow light and a rear marker light that emits a red light. If your bike is not equipped with these lights, you risk a fine of up to 38 €.

Repair kit

A deflated or punctured wheel, a derailed chain, these are common accidents among cyclists. To manage these situations, we advise you to choose a repair kit to carry with you at all times. There are ultra compact kits to put in your bag or to attach to your bike. They are so discreet that they won't bother you when you ride your bike. You can also opt for the pump that attaches to the bike frame in case of flat tires.

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