Why run with your phone?

For your safety

When running, it is important to be prepared. Spraining your ankle or getting lost when you start on an unfamiliar path, it happens quickly. To avoid problems, it is always more reassuring to have your cell phone while running. But you have to know where to put your smartphone while running. Sure, running with your phone is convenient, but some behaviors are bad for you. If you are used to running with your phone in your hand, forget about this bad habit. It is not advisable to keep your smartphone in your hand because during your run, it will create an imbalance and you may feel pain. This may seem harmless because in everyday life, many runners have their phone in their hand when they run. However, your athletic performance will also be impacted because the energy used for the upper body will be stronger and unevenly distributed in the lower body. In addition, your phone will be a one-sided weight and will unbalance your body during the run. That's why we advise you to invest in a special running accessory. In order not to be disturbed by your phone while jogging, you need to be equipped. There are different tricks to store your phone. First of all, you can opt for the belt to put around the waist. In the center, there is a small pocket that allows you to put your smartphone but also your house keys. In the same spirit, there is also the waist bag. This accessory offers a larger storage space according to your needs. Finally, there is the top accessory, and surely one of the most practical for running: the armband. It won't disturb you during your run, but it's also handy if you need to use your phone to answer a call or change your music. As you can see, there are many ways to run with your phone, you just have to find the right accessory. To choose the best accessory for your running training, you must define your needs. We advise you to ask yourself the following questions: Do you need a large space to put your keys, watch, headphones, cell phone... Or, do you only need a space to put your phone? Do I want to use my iPhone during my run or not? You will not choose the same support depending on your goals. If you don't use your smartphone during your training, you will more easily choose a fanny pack that will act as a "big pocket". On the other hand, if you want to use your cell phone when you go for a run, it's best to choose an armband that allows you to access the touch screen quickly. Indeed, having your iPhone or Samsung hooked to your arm offers you many features. You can also plug in your headphones and change your music in an instant. In addition, you can also use the GPS to track your route if you use a running application. For fans of connected accessories, you can even track your workout performance on your watch without using your phone. For athletes who practice trail or marathon, it is even more important to choose a quality accessory. Indeed, you will have to support this accessory for hours, comfort is essential. We advise you to test different accessories during your running training sessions to determine which one is the most practical and suitable.

To track your performance

Keeping your phone on while running is not only useful for your safety. If you're an active runner and you like to know how you're doing on each run, keeping your phone on while running allows you to generate performance statistics. Some applications allow you to calculate your time and the number of kilometers traveled. Thanks to the geolocation and the accelerometer present in your smartphone, some applications can even put on a map the route you have just done. Just go for a run with your iPhone on you, the application takes care of everything, you have nothing to do but run. In addition, these applications offer you a history of your races. You can see your progress and the number of kilometers you have run since the installation of your application. For those who are or want to start trail running or marathon running, these statistics will help you greatly in improving your performance and in preparing your training sessions.

Tigra Sport support brassard running

To motivate yourself

Not a sports fanatic but want to learn to run? Real-time coaching through applications available on your smartphone can help you reach your goals. A new way to motivate yourself and go beyond your limits. Some mobile applications take the place of a sports coach with advanced statistics and recommendations personalised to your goals. You can find hundreds of applications available on the AppStore and Google Play, both free and paid. Depending on your needs, this type of application offers different features such as the number of calories burned, detailed graphs of your run, challenges within the communities to boost motivation, but also weather information and even encouragement from sports coaches in voice. A great way to motivate yourself for less. Runkeeper is the app for you if you are looking for tailored and personalised content. As well as being the most widely used running app in the world, it gives you real tracking. You can choose your goal, customise your programme, have live tracking of your run and even add music to boost your training. This Freemuim application links easily to your connected watch and will allow you to develop your performance.

To listen to your favourite songs

There's nothing better than listening to your favourite music while running. Good music gives you a dose of energy and pushes you to do your best. There are even playlists for running at your own pace on platforms like Spotify and Deezer. You can choose the playlist of your choice to suit your taste or create your own motivating playlist. However, not all running accessories are suitable for running to music. If you run with wireless headphones such as Airpods, you won't have this limitation. But for people who run with cabled headphones, or a beltpack may not be the best option. To solve this problem, we recommend investing in a running armband. This armband will keep your daily run unencumbered and the wire from your headphones will not interfere with your arm swing. Discover our running armbands in FitClic and FitClic Neo, light and practical. Thanks to its system, you can hold your phone with one hand in a few seconds. The straps are made of neoprene-Velcro, ventilated and elastic, and come in 2 sizes to fit the largest number of people. In addition, the straps are hand-washable and exchangeable. Finally, the parts that come into contact with the skin are coated with silicone for optimal comfort during the run. Of course, if you are used to running in the rain, we also have rainproof solutions. Our running armband is the perfect accessory when you go running or preparing for a trail run. It has been designed specifically for running and adapts to your needs. It allows you to easily access your touch screen to change your music or check your GPS. Our system allows you to remove and replace the case in an instant with one hand. In addition, whether you choose our FitClic or FitClic Neo system, in both cases our case protects your phone from possible shocks. Our cases are compatible with many brands of phones and for those who can't find their model, we offer universal solutions. If you like to run in the rain, we also have rainproof covers. You can choose to have a protection that fits over your iPhone or you can choose a full protection that we call "U-Dry universal Pouch". Our U-Dry universal Pouch is compatible with our armband and the concept of use remains the same. Instead of having a case, you have a full cover that also protects your phone from shocks. Of course, the phone's touchscreen remains functional and the size of the cover allows for larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. You'll have to find another excuse than rain to not go running!

To immortalise your outing (photo/video)

Do you know that feeling of wanting to immortalise a moment during your running because you want to share it with your loved ones when you get home? Unfortunately, you didn't have your phone with you! That's when you realise that taking your phone with you when you run is not so useless. Some runners share photos and videos of their outings on social networks. Photos in the forest, at the sea or in the countryside that give a feeling of freedom and motivate you to go running. Others like to share a photo at the end of their run using the Strava application. Strava displays the number of kilometres run, the time and the pace at the bottom of the photo. Why don't you share your best photos with us when you run alone or with friends?

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