The 10 essential accessories for the iPhone 12

With the recent release of the new iPhones and the holiday season approaching, Tigra Sport guides you through the various phone accessories that might be interesting to offer as a complement to a new iPhone. We can assure you that these iPhone accessories will make people happy. 

So don't waste any more time and discover in our article the 10 essential accessories for the iPhone 12. 

A protective case for iPhone 12

The protective case is of course the #1 accessory, the essential accessory you need for your iPhone. New smartphones are increasingly delicate, and that's why it has become unthinkable not to protect your brand new iPhone. It's the best way to secure your devices.

Whether it is a silicone case, a glass and transparent case or a leather wallet cover, with a flap, having a case is essential to protect your device from everyday shocks. Although glass cases were once the most fashionable cases, silicone shells have become the most common cases. However, owning a silicone shell or a low-end case will not be of much use when it comes to shock protection. For example, a cheap clear glass shell or case is more likely to crack after a few drops and damage your latest Apple phone. The leather case or holder protects your smartphone properly. Leather always looks good but wears out faster with daily use.

At Tigra Sport, we have developed protective cases that are ideal for everyday use. In addition to having a sleek black design, our models are robust, yet flexible, thin, and lightweight. In addition to being designed so that your screen is protected from scratches thanks to their raised edges, the Fitclic and Fitclic Neo protective cases allow a quick and easy use of all the brand's mounts and they do not obstruct the camera. You can find our cases for the iPhone 12 on our website. 

Please note that a protective case is not enough to perfectly protect your smartphone.We advise you to choose a protective screen, which will protect the screen of your Apple phone from scratches and cracks in the most extreme situations.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your smartphone protections, we invite you to read our article Choosing the right phone case.

An adapter for your headphones

It's been several years now since the wired earphone port disappeared from recent smartphones and your old wired earphones are no longer compatible with your new iPhone. That's why Apple has created earphones with a Lightning plug that plugs directly into the iPhone charging port. However, it can be frustrating depending on your usage not to be able to listen to music while charging your phone. Accessories exist to solve these problems.

If you want to keep your regular wired headphones, it becomes essential to purchase an adapter, which will allow you to connect your wired headphones to your iPhone. You can also choose a dual lightning adapter if you want to solve the problem of charging and connecting Apple earphones at the same time. 

Wireless earphones

Buying wireless Bluetooth headsets is still the best solution to the problem we outlined above. From Airpods to more accessible bluetooth headsets, going wireless will change your life. However, please make sure they are compatible with your iPhone.

No more need to bother with a cable coming out of your pocket and limiting your movements, feel free in your travels with these high-tech accessories. Run, play sports, or just walk around without worrying about your headphones.

With a little practice, you'll forget they exist.

An iPhone 12 mount for the car

Owning an iPhone 12 means owning a concentrate of technology, which is at the top of what is currently being done. 

Enjoy your GPS in the car thanks to a kit mount for iPhone 12, such as the ventilation grid mount or the suction cup mount, ideal for your daily journeys. Simply place your smartphone with the case on the mount, and it becomes immediately accessible with a simple glance and a simple hand movement. 
Of course, with our mount you can plug and charge your phone in your car. This does not interfere with the accessibility to the power bank or your USB port.

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A wireless charger

It has been two years since Apple implemented induction charging (wireless charging) in its smartphones. This year, Apple has innovated and developed a new magnet system: Magsafe. Magsafe is an innovative system that allows you to attach various accessories to the back of your iPhone 12, such as a small wireless charging pebble that sticks to the back of the phone thanks to these famous magnets. Much faster than a traditional wireless charger, the Magsafe charger will change your routine. Apple's Magsafe doesn't just charge your device, it also charges your AirPods faster.

Like wireless headsets, it's a habit to get into, but believe us, it's worth it. No need to bother with plug-and-play cables, just put your iPhone on your induction charger while you're lying down, and you'll find it fully charged the next day.

SD card adapter

Apple has unfortunately made the choice not to give the possibility to extend the storage of your iPhone with an SD card.

However, there is a solution to this problem, thanks to the Lightning to SD card reader adapters, which will allow you to back up your smartphone's data directly to an SD card. This SD card can then be used as an external hard drive for your smartphone.

A sensor for sport

Over the years, Apple has developed many of its applications, including its application related to physical well-being. In case you are a sportsperson, and want to follow your physical activity in real time, getting a sports sensor may be a good idea. 

In addition to providing you with more detailed information about your activity, sensors are mostly compatible with applications such as Trainingpeaks, and allow you to better monitor your performance, while allowing you to adapt your training. 

We invite you to read our article on the 12 sports applications on smartphones to learn more about these applications.

An external battery

The external battery has become a must. Whether it's in everyday life, on the move, or on public transport, the external battery will save you more than once. No more battery packs, thanks to your external battery, you can recharge your phone anywhere.  

The battery models are varied. We all know the external battery with multiple USB ports that allows you to charge iPhone simultaneously. It also has the ability to recharge your iPhone several times in a row. 

In the accessories of external batteries, we also find the external battery optimized with a Lightning port to charge your iPhone without needing its cable. However, it is necessary to check the conditions of the battery to be sure it is certified "made for iPhone".

From the iPhone 8, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly thanks to the available IQ recharge. Another option for those who want a 2-in-1 recharge for their iPhone by purchasing the case with integrated battery. It is presented as a protective case, but with an extra feature. The integrated battery in the case allows you to charge an iPhone at least once. On the other hand, this casel has several disadvantages. The case has a low recharge capacity compared to other external batteries. In addition, the battery is located directly on the case, which adds a weight on the phone that can be cumbersome in the long run.

Regardless of your choice of battery, however, it is important to take a high quality battery if you don't want it to become unusable after a few months.

A mount for home / office

Finally, whether it's for cooking or having your phone within easy reach at any time, having one or more stands at home is a smart choice. You can find different types of mounts : with suction cup mount that you can put at different places at home or at your office, or adhesive wall mount when you have a permanent and dedicated place for your smartphone. You can use our suction pad mount to control the angle of your phone. This mount will become your best friend.

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Clip your smartphone on the mount in the kitchen to keep your recipe in front of you, or hold your iPhone on your desk to check your notifications quickly.

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