How to choose the best phone case for your smartphone or iPhone?

 Protecting your phone

Whether you're a runner or biker, it's important that your phone is well protected. It is also important that your case is not too heavy or bulky, so that you can take your phone whatever you do, wherever you go. No one wants to have their iPhone with a cracked screen or the latest Samsung with bumps.

That's why Tigra Sport recommends you to choose a shock-proof case.  These cases are thicker and offer excellent protection for corners and against shocks. However, it is possible that the shock absorbing cases are a little too thick, which could be inappropriate during a running session.

Silicone cases are relatively thin, and have the particularity of absorbing shocks better than more rigid protections. These silicone cases will protect your device from all kinds of shocks, but will make the smartphone more vulnerable to violent shocks. One of the weak points of these silicone cases is that they get dirty quickly, especially when used for outdoor activities such as running or mountain biking.

At Tigra Sport, we have developed an in-between: ArmorShield protection. ArmorShield protection is a perfect compromise between a soft, lightweight case and full phone protection. Our ArmorShield protection is a top protection to cover your screen and protect your smartphone when used with a Tigra Sport case. It’s waterproof and shock-proof. Our Armorshield protection is available for different iPhone models ranging from iPhone 6/6s to iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. .

By using this protection with the Tigra Sport case adapted to your iPhone model, you add extra security.

You can buy our Armorshield here. Please remember that this protection is sold alone. You must buy a FitClic Neo case to use our Armoshield protection.

If you don't know what to choose between our 2 mount systems FitClic and FitClic Neo, we will help you.

Slim, rugged and elegantly styled in black, the FitClic case is for those who are looking for a case that goes everywhere. You can use your wireless charger without removing the case. However, check the minimum distance for charging. Some wireless chargers may not be compatible. You can easily find the characteristics of your wireless charger on the product sheet where you bought it.

For those who are looking for a case that guarantees good protection while being rugged like the FitClic case, we advise you to buy our FitClic Neo case model. It is specially designed to absorb shocks when your phone falls to the ground. The color of the FitClic Neo case is black, which gives it a sober style that goes everywhere, like our FitClic case. It adapts very well to hectic lives.

A case according to your daily activities

A case for athletes (ex: runner, mountain bike)

We have also developed a running armband, featuring our Fitclic and Fitclic Neo attachment systems. Thanks to the magnets and the magnetic system of our Fitclic Neo system, all you have to do is bring your iPhone with its Fitclic Neo case close to the armband, and the magnetic system does the rest. You're ready to go for a running session with your sports-friendly case.

For cyclists, we offer different types of mounts, depending on your riding practices and also your bicycles. From universal cradles, also compatible with Fitclic (mechanical) and Fitclic Neo (mechanical + magnetic), to kits containing the case and mount, available for several smartphone models, depending on which one you own.

Berceau universel Tigra Sport U Fit Grip

A case for your everyday travel (ex: car, bicycle)

A few years ago, transparent hard cases became the standard for smartphone cases. Although cheap, these cases are hard and often brittle. They offer protection that can be altered. For example, it was often necessary to change the case after a few little drops. 

Since then, soft cases have developed and have become the most common type of case. Why choose this type of case?  Light, thin, and easy to install, soft cases are ideal for daily use. These soft cases have a refined design, soft to the touch, and are perfect for people who use their smartphone on a regular basis. This type of case offers optimal protection for your smartphone and protects your screen.

Therefore,we recommend our Fitclic and Fitclic Neo cases, made of polycarbonate with a soft TPU coating, which provide both comfort of use and optimal protection. In addition, our cases have been designed so that the screen of your smartphone is also protected.  This is why the edges of our cases are raised, as this protects the touch screen from scratches. No longer be afraid to drop your iPhone, the latest Huawei or your loved Galaxy. Our cases are made to protect your smartphone as much as possible.

Also take advantage of our two car mounts. You can choose between the windshield / dashboard mount (suction cup) and the car vent mount. These two car mounts are simple to install, easy to use and will allow you to have a quick access to your cell phone. 

The car windshield / dashboard mount, also called "suction cup mount", allows you to place your cell phone in your field of vision thanks to its rotating system, in order to have a simplified visual access and without risk for the driving of your vehicle.

The car mount ventilation grid is more discreet and is no less practical since it also allows you to follow your itinerary on your GPS easily.  Choose our cases and mounts for your daily travels.

Protection for your motorcycle rides

It's difficult to recommend cases especially for bikers, since no matter what hull you own, it seems unlikely that your smartphone will come out of a high-speed crash unscathed.

Therefore, we recommend an off-road case, which will not make your phone bulky, and which will not bother you before or after your trip. Nothing is more pleasant than using a casel daily for your iPhone without having to change it to fix it on your phone.

However, we all know how the weather can be changeable, and how frustrating it can be to be unprepared for a sudden change when we're on a motorcycle. 

We can therefore recommend the use of a waterproof case, which, in addition to providing extra protection for your smartphone, will make it invulnerable to rain, snow or dust. We have cases for the most famous smartphone brands such as Apple or Samsung. You no longer have any risk of damaging your iPhone, or the latest Samsung Galaxy.

At Tigra Sport, we have created a universal waterproof case that will meet your needs, while adapting to any smartphone. Choosing this cover is choosing simplicity. Just open the sleeve, put your iPhone in it, close it, and you're done. Don't worry about your phone anymore, no matter the weather. The choice of this protective case with its sleek design allows you to use the touch screen without discomfort. 

For our dear biker friends, we have developed several products and mounts, magnetic or not, specially designed for motorcycling. Depending on what you prefer, you will find mounts with our two fastening systems: Fitclic, without magnets, and Fitclic Neo, magnetic with magnets. We offer two hull systems that adapt to each mount system.

In addition to the extra security provided by the magnets, we have added to our Fitclic Neo system a latch, allowing to block the mechanical part, making this system one of the best existing systems.

All our mounts and cases are available in kits, depending on the device and the model you own.

Support moto guidon FitClic Neo Tigra Sport

Features of the phone cases

As you surely have understood, the main purpose of phone cases is to protect from the small shocks of everyday life, whether it is dropping your phone, cooking, or playing with your dog in the garden.

But phone cases have become more than that, since they can protect your screen from scratches thanks to raised edges, as our covers do. At Tigra Sport, we have developed cases that can be attached directly to any of the brand's mount, making the user experience more accessible and intuitive.

So enjoy your Tigra Sport casel at all times, whether you're using it every day, in the car, on your bike, on your motorcycle, or when you're out running, compatible with your favorite smartphone models.

If you want to discover our cases for Huawei, iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus or Google PIxel as well as our kits and mounts at the best price, go to

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