12 sports applications on smartphone

Applications for sports at home

Nike Training Club

Through its application, Nike promises to become your "ultimate personal coach".

It's as simple as that. Simply download the coaching application on your mobile and register. From now on, you can access the main menu and the training!

It is in the "Training" section that you can find the different fitness training sessions offered by the application, classified by theme: boosting your mood, yoga, abdominals, etc. The thematics are then divided into more specific sub-categories, in order to offer you training adapted to the level of difficulty desired, from beginner to advanced.

However, the level of difficulty is not the only factor, since the application also offers you different training sessions and different intensities (low, medium or high). The application highlights the parts of the body that each exercise works and the equipment you may need.

You can then download the workout and follow the instructions given by the voice, illustrated with explaining videos.

For the more courageous, Nike Training Club offers personalised programmes that extend over several weeks, depending on your objective, your level of practice, your stature and the time you wish to devote to it. 

Working with an algorithm, the app will learn from you as you train, and will become able to offer you increasingly targeted exercises so that you reach your goal!

Nike Training Club is available on Android and iOS.

 Exercises at home (leap fitness group)

Exercises at home is a mobile application that has a free and a paid part.

Start by defining a weekly sports objective, then select a coaching programme from the different levels offered: beginner, intermediate or advanced. No yoga or pilates here, but the application lets you choose which part of the body you want to work on. The workouts last between 15 and 30 minutes, and are dictated to you by a voice, accompanied by video sequences.

Although the overall look of the app is less attractive than Nike Training Club, Exercise at Home is just as complete, and allows you to track your activity clearly and simply. 

In order to motivate you on a daily basis, the app proposes to program reminders so that you don't miss your workout!

Exercises at home - Without equipment is only available on the Google Play Store (Androïd).


Freeletics is a sports application whose objective is to offer you training adapted to your schedule. It is true that time is often a comfortable excuse when it comes to missing your sports session. However, you no longer have an excuse for not taking care of your health and burning calories, since the application offers exercise sessions ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes for the bravest.

Whether at home or outdoors, to stay in shape or lose weight, you won't need any specific equipment to follow your training. 

Moreover, the application only offers simple movements that do not require large spaces. Whether you are in your bedroom, in a small flat or in a large space, the application will satisfy you.

In addition to a user-friendly design and well-made demonstration videos, the application offers a huge range of training options, which can be adapted to suit each person and your needs.

Freeletics is available for IOS and Android.


Zwift is a completely different application from the applications we have presented to you previously. For good reason, it is an application intended principally for cyclists. No timing sessions or exercises with a synthetic voice; you are the coach and the athlete at the same time.

Have you always dreamed of climbing mountains by bike from your living room? Now it's possible with Swift and your home trainer. Connect the application to the home trainer and the various sensors you have, and join hundreds of virtual cyclists of all levels. So don't be surprised if you're overtaken by Warren Barguil, Arnaud Demare, Jérémy Maison or one of the many professional cyclists who regularly train on Zwift.

Existing for several years now, Zwift has become the reference for cyclists and mountain bikers. The app makes home trainer sessions more fun and allows you to have real interactivity between what you see on the screen and what you feel. Are you in the middle of a climb? You feel the resistance increasing thanks to your interactive home trainer.

Swift is the ultimate application to take care of your health and burn calories in a fun way! The app is available on IOS, Windows, Mac and Apple TV.

Outdoor running applications


This phone application is the perfect tool for sports excursions.

Strava is an activity tracking application and a social network dedicated to sports. Strava is in a way the Facebook of cycling and running.

Among other things, Strava allows you to record your rides

This information is then shared on the network, and is accessible by you and the members of the site. However, you can limit access to your information to certain people only. You can also, for example, make your start and finish point invisible so that your address is not displayed.

This network is one of the main strengths of the app, as it allows its users to encourage each other, in a way that boosts their motivation.

So keep an eye on how your performance evolves on the roads you like to take, so you can compare your performance, whether on foot or by bike.

Strava is available for free on IOS and Android.


Runkeeper is a free application for runners, but is also for walkers and cyclists. Its simplicity has made it a worldwide reference: the monitoring of your rhythm, your energy expenditure, the distance you run are collected in one application. All this data allows you to follow your progress live. In addition, the app offers audio comments, so you no longer need to look at your phone every two minutes to monitor your speed.

The application also acts as a coach, as it allows you to define weight loss, speed or distance goals to offer you personalised training programmes. In this way, you can set yourself new goals and improve step by step.

Just like Strava, share your performance with your friends and motivate each other!

The Asics sports app is available on IOS and Androïd.


Another reference in this area. In addition to calculating your physical performance, speed and distance run, and showing you your track on a map, Runtastic also allows you to challenge your friends and share your performance. Runtastic also offers a variety of connected objects. High-tech scales, bracelets and watches work in synergy to give you information about your muscular mass, fat mass, hydration level, heart rate, etc... An extremely complete follow-up, but which still requires a certain investment.

A weak point? Most of the features that differentiate Runtastic from other running applications, such as the running story (an audio story that supports you in your run), are only available in the paid version.

 Nike Run Club

Once the phone app is started, you will be immediately immersed in the heart of the topic, automatically falling on the "Run" function. This is where you start your running sessions, and where you can keep track of your speed, number of kilometres, running time, etc.

Nike Run Club offers a lot of settings: the possibility to add your pair of shoes (all brands are available), whether you run outdoors or indoors, whether you have a device to measure your heart rate, and more.

A little extra, the automatic break is available, which is a real bonus for interval sessions where it is not necessary to take your smartphone out at each break and then take it back when you start again.

In addition, the application has additional tabs, such as the "My Coach" tab, which allows you to choose a session and track your progress. The "Feed" tab is a tab that allows you to follow your friends' sessions, or Nike running news. Finally, the "Activities" tab allows you to see all your latest sessions and all the information related to them. You can also find your "Records", your "Running Level", or even "The Clubs", where you can compare your performances.

Nike's application is a successful, comprehensive application offering accurate GPS, while highlighting the community aspect of running.

Applications for cyclists


As presented above, Strava is an application that allows you to track your performance, whether on foot or by bike. With all the features you will need, Strava is a good application for performance tracking.

Some emblematic features of the application, such as the "King Of Mountain" which allows you to measure yourself against the rest of the users in a ranking, have recently become paying features. A subscription will therefore be required in order to take full advantage of the application.


Relive is an application launched in 2016, initially intended for cyclists, but which has ended up conquering the hearts of all outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The application offers three tabs: the "Activities" tab, which is the main tab. This is where you can scroll through your latest rides and rediscover their crucial information by clicking on them. However, the information is limited, as the application only gives three pieces of information: distance, time and altitude difference. 

The second tab, "Favourites", allows you to find your favourite outing with the same options available as the "Activities" tab.

The "Save" tab allows you to launch a run session in order to save its parameters, this time with, as an additional option, the speed per km. 

Finally, Relive's little extra: videos of your journey in real time.

Once the session is over, the application offers to give a title to your outing, to put the photos you want in the order of your choice and some other information. All you have to do is send everything and wait a few hours for the video to be produced.

Training Peaks

The Training Peaks platform is a reference for most endurance athletes who wish to follow their training carefully. The platform is also very popular with trainers, as they can easily access the training data of the athletes they follow.

Training Peaks is a training planning application that connects directly to Garmin Connect mobile, available on most connected watches. Once both applications are installed, all you need to do is name your training and configure it.

Once saved, run the application on the watch and the workout of the day is automatically selected. If several workouts are set up for the day, the application offers to choose the one to be performed.

When your workout is complete and synchronised, find the full analysis based on the workout originally scheduled on Training Peaks.


Just like Strava and other applications presented previously, Komoot offers functionalities allowing to link the community, while connecting users. However, Komoot does not propose any classification or other challenging functionality. Komoot is used to find courses, to give feedback on laps and to create new loops.

Although the application can only be used with your smartphone, it is possible to associate it with a connected watch (Garmin, Apple Watch, Samsung...) or to link it with a Garmin, Wahoo or Sigma Rox 12 GPS meter...

So, take advantage of Komoot to plan your itineraries and use the application to guide you. By registering a departure and/or arrival point, Komoot uses different parameters (type of activity, physical fitness...) to offer you a "turnkey" itinerary, wherever you are. Komoot analyses the type of terrain (asphalt, off-road, paths...), the difference in level, the points of interest, as well as the passages of other users.

Then leave your opinion to the community, exchange and find new cycling partners via the application.

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