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It is nice to have your smartphone around when going out for jogging or working out at the gym. The Fitclic Armband is one of the slimmest, most comfortable and easiest to use of its kind.

18,90 €

Well-proven pipe-clamp stycharge-thru mounting bracket with rotation and double-locking mechanism for the latest BikeConsole

13,95 €

You need your phone within easy reach while you're in the car to get your phone calls, to use your GPS App, to listen to your music... You need something unobtrusive, yet can mount your phone securely in all road conditions. The FitClic Car Air Vent Mount is designed for demanding users like you.

16,95 €

Worry about running your iPhone's battery flat during a motorcycle trip? Want to charge your phone while inside the FitClic BikeConsole CASE but don't want to fiddle with charging cables that run out of the case? Don't want to compromise water-tightness of the FitClic BikeConsole CASE by having...

29,95 €
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Showing 22 - 25 of 25 items