Fitclic neo, great product
I have recently bought the new mounting system Fitclic Neo for my car and my new iphone X. And it's working so well. Very convenient. So I have decided to buy one also for running.
Mount case forward bike kit
Although not cheap, the quality and feel of the product is worth every penny. Excellent product and excellent online service. Thanks.
Bike Console for iPhone
The bikeconsole is really well built and the secondary locking gives the assurance that potholes will not be throwing the iPhone off the bike. The phone is well supported in a silicone sleeve inside the console and the closing mechanism works great. Almost looks a bit like overdone, but definitely effective. The phone is very well protected from rain and dirt, while still the touch screen can be operated normally. Even the touchID sensor works without any problem. So overall a great purchase.
Some comments, though nothing that can convince me to deduct any stars.
I'm also using the Bikecharge Powerpack and am presently looking for a suitable short power cable. There are some interesting alternatives on the market, but looks like anything else than an original apple cable wont fit in the slot to pass the cable into the console. It is just matched to the size of the apple lightning connector. So no chance to use the lightning to micro USB adaptor (Would have been great), ore one of these very short cables on the market. Pity. Maybe something to consider for the next version.
I tried to have conversation over the phone using the speakerphone option, but hardly could hear the person talking on the other side. So If you plan to make phone calls to make phone calls don't forget your headphones.
BikeConsole for iPhone 6/6s
I am very satisfied with this product. Seems to be of good quality.
"Wow! I just got this in the mail. I must say that after searching all the "Top end" bike shops looking for the best case for my IPhone 6sPlus, Nothing came even close to this case.
The quality is amazing. I use to use a LifeProof case on my I-Stuff. But after getting this case, I will not be using LifeProof again.
It also mounts perfectly on my bike. The installation was simply and everything that I needed was included in the box.
So happy that I found this case. None of my local bikes shops carried this. Not sure why because they didn't have this case. It is by far the best case that I have ever purchased. It traveled very well on my bike with zero problems.
BTW, it even looks good.
I don't have other S6 bike mounts to compare to, but this is probably the best of the Samsung mounts (for prior phones) - Tigra gets more complex each version. Perhaps a simplified version would be a good option as well, but this serves my purposes.

- Solid protection
- Battery (with that option of course - now a necessity with the non-removable battery in the 6)
- Convenient method for earphone plug (I needed an additional adapter in prior model)
- plastic cover screen reflects glare (even with polarized sunglasses)
- battery pack connection via contacts is not consistent - I've reverted to running a cable from the battery pack into the phone through the case (it's a positive that this system allows either method)
I found it a little difficult initially to fit the phone in the case with the 2 cables (earphone and power).. .I had to learn to pull the earphone cable down to a minimum-in-the-case amount, and use the internal guides to hide the power cable as much as possible.
And, as above, I found the contact-method for power to be flaky.
Once I figured all that out, it has been working very well.
Tigra Sport Crossloc Mountcase for smartphone
Tigra has this amazing mount case. It can be used with either the bike mount or arm band. The case is extremely light weight. It has a clear silicone cover that when used protects your phone from all the elements including water, dirt, & dust. The case also has some give to it acting as a kind of shock absorber. With all of this Tigra also has manufactured it to protect all the ports, jacks & buttons and also make them easy to access. You still have the full capability of your touch screen as well. The case mounts with a simple twist. You have the ability to rotate it a full 360° to give you the view that you desire (portrait, landscape, or anything in between). If you are active in any way this is a case you want to look at.
The Tigra ArmBand is a great accessory to use with the Tigra MountCase. The most popular use would be running or any other exercise. You can also use it as a way to keep your phone safe & secure at all times. There are so many arm bands used by runners. While they do attach your phone to your arm the question really is how safe is your phone? Since you are using your regular phone case in this situation you must be careful of moisture and the other elements. Those other arm bands don't offer protection for your phone, or give you access to use it for anything other than music or answering a phone call. With the Tigra system your phone is safe & secure in the Tigra MountCase. It is protected in every way. You have complete access to use everything your phone has to offer. Attaching your phone to the band is just a simple 1/4 turn.
I know that my phone is safe with Tigra, and you will as well.
The Tigra Bike Mount Strap was designed to use with the Tigra Mount Case. Although it is called a "Bike Mount" it can really be used on anything with a bar (motorcycle, treadmill,etc.). In the package you will also find a rubber band to be used to protect whatever you are attaching the mount to. To attach your phone (using the mount case) all you do is place it on the mount and give it a quick turn to snap it in place. Once snapped in your phone is safe & secure. Push the red buttons on both sides of the mount for a quick release. It is very easy to use even with only one hand.
Tigra Sport Mountcase for iPhone
I find this case to be robust, practical and the extra battery life really useful.
In fact it's great... except for one major flaw: the headphones hole. It's far too small even for the headphones that are provided with the iPhone. I've already damaged the rubber protection around the jack pulling the phones out. It's a shame because otherwise it would be a fantastic product